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2015-09-01 How to buy ice cream machine
1, see the compressor
Currently on the market, home ice cream machine is mainly divided into two kinds: with a compressor or not. With compressor ice cream machine can be directly cooling, fast to make ice cream, but higher prices; and without compressor need use refrigerators to the completion of the production, prices cheaper, between 100-300, but the production of more time-consuming. According to their own needs to choose different models.

According to a small series of knowledge, there is now a market called honey and more ice cream machine is very popular white-collar workers. With other only the mixing effect of ice cream machine, the latest ice cream machine is electronic refrigeration chip, intelligent automation, do not need to rely on a refrigerator can be made of ice cream, the operation is very convenient. The most important is to make ice cream frozen role, businesses can launch such a product, it seems very idea.

2, look at the production of material products
Whether the material is healthy and safe is a point to be concerned. Take the above mentioned honey ice cream machine, where components come into contact with the ingredients are food grade material, the use is the original refrigeration in space, safe and secure. So when you buy ice cream machine, at least the body of the food grade material is more healthy.
3, look at the mixing leaves
The best choice for the use of the push type mixer rotation page of ice cream machine. Such a rotating page is easier to shape, make the ice cream is more beautiful, but also better taste.
4, look at the liner
The liner should pay attention to when buying ice cream machine, preferably aluminum. This tank is more durable, but also fast temperature conduction.
5, see the condensate
For the ice cream machine no compressor, the condensate is key to making ice cream, because condensate can play the cooling effect. Good imported condensate, freezing time is short, generally only need to put in the refrigerator for about 8 hours, can shorten the production time. If you often do ice cream to eat friends, it is recommended to buy one type of small household ice cream machine, which will be convenient for many.