Recruitment Information
  • 2015/2/12 10:18:14 > Long-term effective
    name Director of Marketing join
    Address Taizhou Linhai
    Wages Negotiable
    Counts 1
    1, marketing and other related professionals, college education;
    2, responsible for the company's business development, sales operations, can be planned into a strong result;
    3, the establishment and management of the sales team, standardized sales process, sales targets;
    4, help company leaders to set sales targets, sales model, marketing strategy and a series of plans;
    5, wide social communication, connections good; good communication and coordination;
    6, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, energetic, healthy, cheerful, full of pioneering spirit;
    7, with central air-conditioning sales channel priority. More than 80,000 annual salary
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    name R & D staff join
    Address Taizhou Linhai
    Wages Negotiable
    Counts 1

    Research 1, responsible for the project to carry out pre-market information gathering and summarizing the implementation of project-specific planning programs.
    2, responsible for the development and clinical testing reagent products, providing technical support for the production and marketing reagents, reagent product development quality assurance, the successful completion of the company's research and development tasks
    3, the project responsible for expanding businesses and universities, research institutions, medical institutions and technical cooperation.
    1. Bachelor degree or above, more than three years of work experience, CET 4, biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, molecular biology, clinical examination and other related professional best.
    2, familiar enzyme immunoassay, microbiology, molecular biology experiments operation with relevant research experience is preferred
    3, good communication skills and strong ability to learn, serious and responsible, able to adapt to high-intensity work

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    name Foreign sales join
    Address Taizhou Linhai
    Wages Negotiable
    Counts 1

    Primarily responsible for the development of the network platform and show new customers and maintain existing customers, communicate and negotiate business with customers to upload new products and website maintenance.
    Bachelor degree or above, marketing and other related professionals; 3-5 years of sales experience in the industry, outstanding preferred; responsive, strong communication skills,
    With strong communication skills and interpersonal skills, with affinity; have some market analysis and judgment, good sense of customer service; a sense of responsibility,
    Able to work under pressure; there is team spirit, good challenge.