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2015-09-01 China into the world's largest ice cream market, organic ice cream into a growth point
China has surpassed the United States as the world's largest ice cream consumer. But from the per capita terms, in fact, the United States is still more than 4 times the Chinese people, from this point of view, China's ice cream market still has a broad space.
Mintel expects 2015 China ice cream consumption will reach 63 million liters, with sales of $125.4 billion, the United States is expected to $11.4 billion, the gap between China and the U.S. will be pulled further big.
At the same time, as Mintel global food research analyst AlexBeckett. "Ice cream consumption in China increased mainly due increase in Chinese incomes". The rise of the middle class, but also for the development of China's ice cream market has brought a new opportunity.
According to the report, the Chinese middle class interest in organic ice cream is gradually improving, more than six of the Chinese middle class has bought a vegetable flavored ice cream. This reveals, with organic ice cream as the representative of the high-end products, will become an important new growth point of ice cream market expansion.
And in fact, in the market the sale of products, high-end products has been showing a rising trend, this also means that, China's ice cream products already from the crowded to brand and quality fine phase of the main means of competition.