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2015-03-26 Ice cream how to wash - how to wash ice cream machine
Ice cream machine how to install cleaning
Installation and transport: the machine is generally through the logistics delivery, the process of the machine to the back and forth, received by the machine after the first 24 hours of use, static discharge can make the condensate recovery smoothly, otherwise it will damage the machine. The installation of the general can be through the manual drawings only need to install a good mouth handle and power cord plug can be very simple
Daily maintenance: in order to ensure that the ice cream machine clean, for the consumer's health, the machine has a cleaning function, when the daily proofing inside also residue of ice cream raw materials we need to dispose of it, because no treatment will allow the machine to cause food poisoning caused by residual raw material, we only need to use a bucket filled with water in the ice cream machine cylinder to wash the general once clean 1 minutes or so, repeated 3 times until the ice cream machine inside out the water clean position. Unplug power. Clean condenser, long time use will lead to the condenser heat sink sticky dust, you can use a soft brush to clean, do not be too big to avoid damage to the general 3 months or so cleaning, can help improve the performance of heat.
How to distinguish the soft ice cream machine and hard ice cream: soft ice cream is the use of soft ice cream machine equipment of soft ice cream raw materials are high speed freezing technology field field fabrication sales, making ice cream general - 5 degrees in the remain too soft or too hard state. We usually call him soft ice cream, this ice cream machine because of the requirements of a fast freezing characteristics, so the refrigeration requirements of refrigeration, the use of the compressor is very high, so the price of ice cream machine will be relatively expensive a lot of.
Hard ice cream is the use of hard ice cream machine equipment for hard ice cream raw materials for slow freezing process is slow, so that the temperature of ice cream slowly reduced, in the beginning of the production process is generally stable in the process of the temperature dropped to about -20 degrees, so that ice cream to reach a certain degree of hardness, in the ice cream display cabinets for sale. Hard ice cream machine refrigeration system on the low requirement on the compressor performance requirements are relatively low soft ice cream machine. So the price of a hard ice cream machine is relatively low.