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2015-03-26 Daily maintenance of ice cream machine
A, body cleaning: you can use warm towels Sassafras swab body, remove dirt, rinse with water, in order to avoid electrical malfunction.
B, cooling tank cleaning: must be a day for the refrigeration cylinder cleaning.
C, cleaning the condenser: it must be half a year, the best professional cleaning, cleaning, to turn off the power before cleaning, be sure not to damage the condenser fins.
D, note: the use of a long time after the machine, stirring system transmission belt may be stretched, need to adjust, the best professional personnel to adjust and replace, adjust the belt before the power down, the belt adjustment is appropriate.
1, according to the cleaning button, the slurry is discharged in the cylinder, press the stop button.
2, with warm water amount of disinfectant, it is poured into the bucket, the same amount of two barrels of water.
3, according to the cleaning key to stir about five minutes, the discharge of the cleaning liquid.
4, wash with water 2 - 3 times, stop.
5, turn off the power, and the parts.
6, screw the liquid outlet valve side four screws, remove the liquid valve assembly.
7, in turn out of the liquid valve out of the handle and solid pin, handle, valve stem, sealing ring.
8, from the refrigeration cylinder in a blender, take down the sealing ring.
9, cleaning all parts, such as damage, please promptly replace.
10, according to the steps of removing the opposite parts to be installed.