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2015-03-26 Fried ice industry's Temptation
There is a proverb saying "an interlacing as foster, start really is a university asked, in spite of all walks of life are closely linked together, but between each industry and many differences, each industry has its own way of doing business. Therefore, the entrepreneur must not be blind to set foot in unfamiliar areas of their own. Such as stocks, the stock market rose up yo every day are in change, not many financial industry want to by buying stock to divide a cup of a thick soup, want to taste the rich overnight, however, a lot of people, a lot of family but because stock slump, breakup.
Of course, not every industry has such a big risk, such as food and beverage industry, which is from our recent industry, and we are closely related to the industry. When doing a project, we generally do a simple investigation, investigate the local level of consumption, investigate local eating habits, to investigate local market saturation. Cold drink industry in the market is not the rise of ten years, eight years so short, from the beginning of the year, people have been in the study of cold drinks, ice cream, juice, cheese, etc.. However, at that time, these are the nobility to enjoy the luxury, but now they have become everyone can afford a small snack. Fried ice is in recent years just popular cold drinks and snacks, and as the trend, he has a a group of the vast number of consumer groups, in the hot summer, he is Jieshu of medicine in the daily life, and as a man selling fried ice, fried ice margins is undoubtedly very large, a simple cup of fruit juice, or a box of milk, fried ice machine in the rapid cooling, the rapid cooling ice, and various flavors of juice of sweet and sour and cold experience is everyone favorite summer feeling.
Do business to choose the right industry, in ignorance of the time, the election of people's necessities of life, the summer must be the product of a series of ice, such as ice, do not hesitate, want to start, just go.