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2015-03-26 Commercial ice machine daily maintenance methods are there?
Commercial ice machine daily maintenance methods are there? Daily see ice machine is mainly used in hotels, hotel, restaurant, Coffee hall, fast-food restaurants, canteens and other places. Due to the ice making machine with respect to other refrigeration equipment technical content is higher, so ice making machine using environment is good or bad and regular maintenance, is extremely important for the service life of the ice making machine and ice making effect, the following is ice machine daily maintenance method.
1, ice machine should be installed away from the heat source, no direct exposure to the sun, well ventilated place, environmental temperature should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius, to prevent environmental temperature will lead to excessive condenser cooling adverse affect ice effect. Installation ground ice making machine should be firm, smooth, ice making machine must be to maintain the level, otherwise it will lead to off the ice and running noise.
2, the ice machine to the back and side clearance of not less than 30cm, the gap is not less than 60cm,
3, the ice machine should use independent power supply, power supply and a fuse and leakage protection switch, and reliable grounding.
4, ice machine water to meet the national drinking water standards, and to install a water filtering device, filter water impurities, to prevent blockage of pipes, pollution water and ice mold. And the influence of ice making performance.
5, handling ice machine handle with care, to prevent violent vibration and handling slope can't be less than 45 degrees, after a long-distance transport, ice making machine should be placed 2-6 hours rear can boot ice.
6, cleaning the ice making machine should switch off the power supply, is strictly prohibited pipe directly aligned body wash, use neutral detergent scrub, is strictly prohibited with acid and alkali corrosive solvent cleaning.
7, ice machine must be two month unscrew inlet hose pipe head, cleaning water inlet valve filter, plug the water inlet to avoid sand mud impurities in water, and cause water quantity is small, does not lead to ice.
8, must be every two months to clean the surface of the condenser dust, condensation heat will cause damage to the compressor parts. When cleaning, dust collector, a small brush cleaning condensate oil surface dust cannot be used sharp metal tool cleaning, so as not to damage the condenser.