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2015-02-27 Ice machine life and method of use

Spelor follows the life of the ice machine maintenance, repairs must first find a professional understanding of the ice machine function of specialized companies and the maintenance man, often some of the refrigerant can not start, but some parts will easily damage caused to the user unnecessary losses, now talk about the ice machine maintenance:
1: regular cleaning waterways and nozzle, usually every six months, according to local water quality decisions.
Waterways clogged nozzle clogging and can easily result in premature failure of the compressor, so be sure to pay attention to.
2: Regular cleaning condenser, cleaning the filter, usually once every three months to ensure smooth heat.

Condenser, expansion also too easily cause premature failure of the compressor, more threatening than clog waterways.

Often find that some clients put in the position of the ice machine is too narrow, resulting in premature failure of the compressor, the heat in the back of the ice machine must remain surrounded by a 50 cm distance, keep the air clear.
3: The regular replacement of water filters, typically replaced every two months to decide according to local water quality.
If time does not replace the filter, will have a lot of bacteria and toxic, affecting people's health.
4: Always check the working condition of the ice machine, abnormal immediately unplug the power supply.
Found the ice machine odor, abnormal sound, leak, leakage, immediately off the power on and off the water segment valve.
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